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SocaMotion Instructor Manager Onya SocaSavannah

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Onya - Founder / CEO / Instructor

Onya West started SocaMotion Fitness and Wellness in June 2010 as a model that was fun, motivational, and sustainable and showcases Caribbean culture.  She is a self proclaimed "soca junkie" and "Caricom American" born in New York to Trinidadian and Jamaican parents and lived for years in Trinidad, the US, and Barbados. Onya is a certified group fitness instructor who has studied various forms of dance including ballet, african, modern, tap, and ballroom and is an all-round athlete with a background in competitive swimming, track and field, and basketball.  Onya has also studied instruments including the piano, clarinet, and oboe which she played in the DC National Youth Orchestra and Barbados National Youth Orchestra.  She is a vocalist who has performed solo for the former Prime Minister of Jamaica, Honorable PJ Patterson, was a member of several a capella groups and has performed on her own in school settings and city venues.  She has experience as House Captain of intramural sports in her high school, Harrison College, and Caribbean Heritage Programmer at her alma mater, Brown University.   Onya studied medicinal sciences, nutrition, and developed her own undergraduate concentration in "Medical Anthropology: Traditional Medicine of the Caribbean."  She has a diverse work experience background in public health, international relations, event planning, and marketing. 

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Lyonesque - SocaMotion SocaStetix    Instructor

Lyonesque - SocaStetix

“A lion, mighty among beasts, who retreats before nothing.” (Prov. 30:30). It is the philosophy behind this definition of self that feeds the commitment Lyonesque has to the total fitness of both herself and others. A Barbados national track & field athlete from the age of 12, Lyonesque also participated in competitive body fitness and is an IAAF Certified Track & Field Coach.  Lyonesque has worked with individuals of various ages, skill bases and fitness levels as a teacher at elementary school, and a coach at high school and college level at The University of Texas at El Paso.  Her range of experience has led her to find fun and innovative ways to use the human body and self-propulsion to promote strength, shape and tone.

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SOCAMOTION Instructor - Davin McLeod

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Davin McLeod, aka "The Soca Professor," was born in New York and raised in a Trinidadian household.  He first went to Trinidad when he was 9 years old and began playing steelpan and participating in Heritage plays with his family.  Davin is a  professional theatre, film, and TV actor, and has recently completed an original stage play based on the dance culture of the Caribbean.  His fitness background includes gymnastics, martial arts, weight training, and various sports.  He is passionate about wholistic health for the unification of body, mind, and spirit.  He is a self-proclaimed "Carnival-ist" and soca choreographer who has developed his own technique for codifying and teaching soca dance movement a curriculum for teaching Carnival culture in a classroom setting.   Every year, he plays mas and travels to different festivals in order to support his continuous research at carnivals around the world.

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